Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring is here :)

Hi All,
I haven't put any new stitching cards here because at the moment I am working on a new project and it's not time to show as yet :) Seeing as today was a beautiful sunny spring day that I decided to leave my pc, grab my camera and husband and go and enjoy a day outdoors.

Those of you that know me better, also know that one of my hobbies is taking fotos....:) I decided to break away from the usual card showing and share with you the fotos I took today. It's a pity that 2 hours after I took this photos it started raining again. Will spring never come?


  1. Ann the pictures are brilliant, glad to see you found time to get out and about and away from the computer.

  2. Ann, what beautiful photo's, you have captured them perfectly, I love the colours on the butterfly. Good on you for taking a break and doing something you really enjoy.

    Hugs Sue

  3. Amazing photos Ann! I love to see them

    Hugs karin xx