Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Hobbyjournaal 70 Contributions

The Publishers of the Hobbyjournaal have released a very special December issue this year. The Hobbyjournaal 70 is very unique and different as it is combined with a 3D Image Poster entitled *The Best of 2010*, filled with beautiful  for all those special occasions.  The Designers used images from the poster for their projects in the Hobbyjournaal. This Hobbyjournaal issue is an absolute *must have*  for all those card making fans :)

Curious now?  Here are sample cards of my conbributions.  This Hobbyjournaal will be available in my Webshop soon :)



Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Hobbyjournaal no. 69 contributions

The following patterns can all be found in the Hobbyjournaal Issue 69.  This is my first contribution after a 1 year break, and I must say I am happy to be back.  :)  Seeing as Hobbydots are the lastest craze at the moment, I decided to make a Dotpattern from a Stitching pattern.  Hope you like the results :)

Pattern no. a3003
 3D Cutting Sheet used on this card can be purchased here

Pattern no. a2037
3D Cutting Sheet used on this card can be purchased here 

Pattern no. a2038

Pattern no. a2039
3D Cutting Sheet used on this card can be purchased here

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Card Embroidery Books 1 & 2

I am proud to introduce to you my newest Books, Card Embroidery with Ann's Paper Art Book 1 and 2.

Contains the complete alphabet,  including  8 coordinating border patterns and 2 pages of easy cutting 3D images, for all occasions.

This second edition book contains simply borders, corners, motif images and a complete set of numbers with their own complimentery patterns, plus 3D images including bells, candles, teddies and Christmas ornaments.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My newest creations

I had a busy week making these new Creations for my WebshopWasn't sure whether I wanted to stick to summer, or start with Christmas, so I simply did a bit of both :)

Here are the results :)

Monday, July 26, 2010


Nothing like trying to give myself a break from dotting to find myself dotting something else, but this time with Hobbydots.  :)  One could say a *dot is a dot* right? :)

What I like about the Hobbydots is that I can use alot of my old stitching patterns for them, like the card I show here. 

This Stitching Pattern was used on one of my previous 3D Stitching Sheets.

And this is the Hobbydot card I made with the same pattern :)

Here is another pattern and card I made with Hobbydots.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


When I design my Stitching Patterns, I love the challenge of coming up with something different.
When I recieved my *Flowers and Brads* order I myself faced a challenge and  wondered what I could make with the big flowers included with the sets.

Well here are the results. I am now happy to introduce my new Multi-Purpose Stitching Pattern.  In all honesty though, after making 2 cards with it, I was already out of ideas and so I decided to ask my Forum Team  to play around with it, and oh my, what a surprise I got :)

See for yourself how many ways in which this single pattern can be used to create cards for all those special occasions.

This pattern can be purchased in my Webshop.

by Frances

By Nieske

by Karin (Missystarlight)

by Petra (PST)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New card from an old pattern

I honestly don't think I have done this before, stitched one of my own patterns twice,
but there is a first time for everything :) 
I used one of the patterns published in my Hobbydol Nr. 15 , called
Card Stitching with Ann's Paper Art. I made a couple of changes to the original pattern.
The 3D image I used on this card is from Romak.

You can see the original card, and all other cards from the Hobbydols here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Time

Seeing as it's Spring, I decided I would give my Forum members this Flower pattern for the next contest.

For this card I used the new  Helene 3D Cutting Sheets.  I felt this little gardening girl was just perfect for the Flower :)

A new addition to my card is the fluffy grass.  It's a new product called Flower Soft. So easy to use, and gives the card the *finishing touch*.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Easter Bunnybaby

I really have to share this card with you.  I think it's so cute :)
Not because I made it though. This is *Team work* at it's best.  
I designed the pattern, Sonni Stitched the Card for me, and I
chose the cute Morehead 3D Image, which I think really
compliments Sonni's stitching :)

I can't believe that it is already 3 years since I designed  
this pattern (a227) for the  Dutch Craft Magazine
Thought it was time to bring out some of my oldies :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Home

I don't know how often I have been asked to design
a Key pattern for New Home. Well thanks to my friend Petra
who simply came and said *I need a Key pattern this weekend*
I finally sat down and made one.  And boy am I glad I did :)

Petra made the first sample with the Pattern, which  I am sure
you will agree with me, is awesome.  But cards have to be simple
for me to Stitch, and those that know me well, know much I
love (NOT) cutting out 3D images.And so from one
idea a new idea was born. A key that can be stitched without
the need to combine with 3D  and voilĂ  here is my version of the
pattern a712.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My first post :)

Well here it is, my  very post in my new Blog :) 

Seeing as I am still trying to figure this out, I thought I
may as well start with a card I made with a Freebie
Stitching Pattern for members of my

Here are just a few ideas my Forum Team made with this pattern :)

Thank you Sonni, Frances and Petra.