Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Hobbyjournaal 70 Contributions

The Publishers of the Hobbyjournaal have released a very special December issue this year. The Hobbyjournaal 70 is very unique and different as it is combined with a 3D Image Poster entitled *The Best of 2010*, filled with beautiful  for all those special occasions.  The Designers used images from the poster for their projects in the Hobbyjournaal. This Hobbyjournaal issue is an absolute *must have*  for all those card making fans :)

Curious now?  Here are sample cards of my conbributions.  This Hobbyjournaal will be available in my Webshop soon :)




  1. Wow, Ann die sind ja wieder schön :o)
    Ich habe mir das Hobbyjournaal 70 schon resevieren lassen. Hoffentlich bekomme ich das noch vor Weihnachten.

    Liebe Grüße von der
    Petra aus dem verschneiten Berlin ;o)

  2. Oh Woooooooooow, Ann, Now I really am looking forward to getting my HJ 70, These are beautiful,